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Matt Tomich August 29, 2010
this thing has saved my life since moving here!

Karoline Arberg February 24, 2010
Thank you, thank you!!! this should be the official website for transport, by far the best I have seen here :D

P. Lawrenz February 6, 2010
Prosit, u iktar, Mike, bicca xoghol ta' mohh ghaqli.Qeghda hafna ghall-id u ghall-mohh.Imisshom jinqdew biha meta tibda s-sistema l-gdida ta' tal-linja.

Mr M. Schembri February 5, 2010
Prosit Michael ta' dan ix-xoghol li ghamilt. Zgur li hafna nies se jsibu din il-website veru effettiva ghaliex barra li hija veru informattiva, hija user friendly ukoll. Nawguralek hafna li dan ix-xoghol mhux biss jghinek tmur tajjeb fil-kors li qed issegwi imma jaghtik hafna sodisfazzjon.

Clayton Mercieca February 5, 2010
Very good website. funds should be allocated to publicise this

David Bugeja February 5, 2010
prosit! why such a simple and effective website hadnt been set-up by the authority?! very useful tool, thanks

Katherine February 5, 2010
Michael, this is great idea for a website. Hope that when the new bus service starts with new routes etc, that it will make it easier for you to add more information as needed.
Well done.
from Australia

Alfred Bonello February 4, 2010
Un bel colpo di scena - This is a vrhy good start in the righjt direction to improve our public transport - I sincerely congratulate you and your team.

A. Johnson February 4, 2010
Good going, malta needed a website like this for travelling. Keep it up!

J.Sammut February 4, 2010
What a great job you have done,I will look at this site on my next visit
Well done

Lynn February 4, 2010
Dear Michael!
Our CouchSurfing community, Malta Group, expressing to you our highest appreciation!
Well done!
Join us, you are more than welcomed!

James Pullicino February 4, 2010
This beats the London route finder in terms of simplicity! Well done.

Andrew Farrugia February 4, 2010
Well done! This is very useful especially to tourists. You should promote it on Maltese sites focusing on tourism.

Mark Thorogood February 4, 2010
Excellent job Michael :-)
I've added a link to your website to

Fabio Cassar February 4, 2010
hi, prosit u well done.
we really needed something like this!!
very easy to use and very accurate!
excellent work
thx so much

Jimena Montoya January 21, 2010
This is awesome! wish I could've had something like this when I was in Malta. Well done!! :)

Nadine Napoli January 21, 2010
Great job woooww!! Very user friendly, extremely useful and a very neat design!! :)

Marc Tanti January 18, 2010
wow, I'm honestly blown away by this. This is really easy and practical. I'll be sure to use this!

Matthew Scerri (Ferrari) January 18, 2010
well done mic!...its the first good thing in malta's transport system :)

Matthew Scerri January 18, 2010
Very cool. If only ADTs website itself was half as good!

Andrew January 18, 2010
Nice work. Best is there's no need to wait minutes for the results

Leanne Chilton January 18, 2010
Very useful for people who don't own a car and even for tourists! i especially like the random part !! good job!!

Joseph Azzopardi January 18, 2010
Very easy to use, concise and efficient. Two thumbs up Mike!!